New For GSSC 2020 Updates!

Mar 1, 2020 | Announcements

New for 2020 and building steam for 2021

We have added an electronic, indoor, lazer shotgun game. We’re excited to get folks out to try it out!

Truth of it is, with Covid, it’s been tough to gather indoors, and we’re needing to figure out how to manage the system as well as the best plan of action for rates/times/booking… We’re glad to have it as an option and look forward to sharing more information about it.

We’ve struck a deal and found a handful of additional clay target throwers.

Because of this, we are adding shooting times, new shooters and more members as a result of the start of Super Sporting Clays! Look for more to come. We’ve had a very successful summer of shooting this game in 2020 with no mention of it on our site. We’ll be happy to have it grow with us for 2021, and we’ll get you more info once it has been settled. For know, the prices are in line with the rates for the other games.