Membership Facts

Membership Form


1. Basic Membership: $50
• Allows for access to club resources when open.
• You are able to buy shooting cards (10 rounds for $40).

2. Basic Membership plus Gate Code Access: $50 + $60 = $110
• Grants both membership benefits (listed above) plus access to enter the gate for use of the pistol, rifle and archery range from 8am-dusk.
• Once a member has paid their dues for the year, they may establish gate key access the following year by one of two ways:
• Volunteer 6 hours towards a club approved project a year prior to receiving (this is documented and approved by board members)
• Paying the yearly $60 gate fee

3. Lifetime Memberships: not available at this time.
• Lifetime memberships do NOT include gate access. Gate codes can be purchased for an additional $60 a year or by volunteering 6 hours the year prior.

4. Volunteer hours: Members must attend a board meeting which is held the last Thursday of each month to express their desire to volunteer. Here is the list of ways hours can be earned towards memberships:
• Clean-up day
• Annual dinner setup, serving, and cleanup
• Club approved projects
• Selling tickets
• Opening the club on Sundays
• Bartending during shooting events

Membership Form Available Below: Please fill out and return to address provided.

Memberships are mailed out at the beginning of the new year and the Entrance Key Code are mailed out after the Annual Prime Rib Dinner.