Membership Facts

Basic Membership


  • Allows for access to club resources when open.
  • You are able to buy shooting cards (10 rounds for $50)

Gate Code Access

Once a member has paid their dues for the year, they may establish gate code access for the following year one of two ways:

  1. Volunteer 10 hours towards a club approved project a year prior to receiving (this is documented and approved by board members)
  2. Paying the yearly $75 gate fee

Lifetime Membership

  • Not available at this time.
  • Lifetime memberships do NOT include gate access. 

How to become a member

  1. Download the membership form
  2. Please complete the entire form.
  3. New Members must come to a club meeting or other function.  *Renewing Members may mail in their membership form

Need Help?

We’d be happy to talk to answer any questions you have about becoming a member. Click below for the current Membership Chairperson’s contact information.

Earning Volunteer Hours

Members must attend a board meeting which is held the last Thursday of each month to express their desire to volunteer.

How to Earn Hours toward Memberships:

  • Clean-up day
  • Annual dinner setup, serving, and cleanup
  • Club approved projects
  • Selling tickets
  • Opening the club on Sundays
  • Bar tending during shooting events