Range Rules

Gopher State Sportsman’s Club, Inc.

1. Basic NRA Firearms Safety

Safety First! Practice of the NRA basic firearms safety rules is mandatory at all times.

  • Always keep the firearm’s muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  • Never load a firearm until ready to shoot
  • Never put your finger on the firearm trigger until ready to fire.

2. Hearing & Eye Protection

Hearing and eye protection shall be worn when shooting is in progress by all those shooting and all others present in the immediate area.

3. Uncasing Guns

Immediately upon uncasing any gun on any range, the action shall be opened, safety shall be on, and any magazine removed until ready to fire.

4. Firing Locations

All firing shall be on designated, defined ranges, in a “downrange” direction, at targets properly hung on the frames or carriers provided. Shooting across driveways, parking lots and other designated ranges is strictly forbidden.

5. Glass Objects

There shall be no shooting at objects made of glass or similar materials that will leave dangerously sharp fragments on the range.

6. Clean Up After Yourself

Shooters are responsible to clean up all used targets and spent shell casings before they leave the range.

7. Proper Sighting

All shooters shall make every effort to assure that their firearms, etc. are properly sighted so as to minimize damage to target carriers and frames.

8. Tracers or Incendiaries

No tracer or incendiary ammunition shall be used on this range without permission of the Board of Directors.

9. Explosives

No explosive devices, dynamite, or other high explosives shall be detonated on the Club grounds without permission of the Board of Directors.

10. Shooting After Dark

No firearm shall be discharged during the hours of darkness, (sunset to sunrise), except on lighted trap ranges, without the permission of the board of directors.

11. Fully Automatic Weapons

No weapon capable of fully automatic fire or “bump fire” operation shall be discharged in the fully automatic mode on this range without permission of the Board of Directors.

12. Building Permanent Structures

There shall be no building or deposit of permanent type structures, such as outbuildings or target carriers, without the permission of the Board of Directors.

13. Hunting

Hunting on Club land is prohibited except by permission of the Board of Directors.

14. Alcohol & Controlled Substances

There shall be no alcoholic beverages or controlled substances consumed on the range while any Approved, Registered, or Club sanctioned tournament is in progress by those participating.

  • There shall be no alcoholic beverages on the firing line at any time while shooting is in progress.
  • No one shall shoot at any time if they show evidence of being under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substance.

15. Guests

Members of the Gopher State Sportsman’s Club shall be responsible for the conduct of any non-member guests that they may bring on the range and a member shall be present with their guests at all times.

  • Immediate family members are allowed as guests of a member, included are spouses, parents, and children under 18.
  • Only one additional nonmember, guest, per member, per visit, is permitted for a single time.

16. Closing of the Gate

The gate shall be closed at all times except when meetings or organized activities are being conducted.

17. Handling of Keys

Professional organization keys/access are limited to professional use only, use of the key/access for individual personal use is not permitted.

  • Club gate and clubhouse keys are not allowed to be loaned to nonmembers for unsupervised club use.

18. Minimum Ground Target Distance

No ground Targets closer than 50 yards on the rifle and pistol ranges except in the pit for shooting steel targets.

Safety First!


 Please read all of the rules before your first time at the range to keep you and your fellow members safe at GSSC. 

Have Questions?

All of our rules are put in place for everyone’s safety at GSSC. If you aren’t sure about something, just ask.

Have Questions?

All of our rules are put in place for everyone’s safety at GSSC. If you aren’t sure about something, just ask.