About this Range


The rifle range is an open-air range located to the left (West) of the entry gate and down a gradual hill.


Members are welcome to shoot from 8:00 AM to dusk, except when the Skeet, 5 Stand, or Sporting Clays are scheduled OR if the club is reserved for an event.

Seasonal Open Hours TBD


  • Target Placements at various yardages from 50 to 200 yards from the firing line.
  • Shotgun Slug Shooting Allowed
  • Black Power Shooting Allowed

Range-specific Rules

Please follow these rules in addition to the general rules:

  • All shooting is to be done from one firing line.
  • No ground Targets on this range.
  • No targets hung on target frame posts (nor set atop the rail either.)
  • Follow all posted signage regarding range use.

Range Fees

Fee Schedule

Shooting Cards

Open Range


$50 for 10-Round Shooting Card








With the increasing costs of clay birds, diesel to deliver them, and most everything else, these prices are current but are bound to increase. 

Shooting Cards can be purchased at the clubhouse or members who sell the cards.

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