Super Sporting Clays

Super Sporting Clays

Super Sporting Clays

Super Sporting Clays

About this Range


Super Sporting uses the skeet and 5-Stand ranges in addition to 2 fields exclusive to Super Sporting.

2024 Hours Coming Soon

Sunday Mornings:  8am to 10:30am (May 5th–Sept 29th)

Mondays Mornings: 10am to 1pm (May 6th–Sept 30th)

Monday Evenings: 6pm to 9pm (May 20th–July 29th)

Hours change to 5pm to 8pm August 5th–Sept 2)

Rifle & Skeet Ranges Closed during Super Sporting. Mentioned ranges will close 1hr prior to the start of Super Sporting Clays.


GSSC maintains a 100 bird super sporting clays course consisting of four fields that can be shot simultaneously.  Each field consists of 25 targets divided between three shooting stations.  At each station, the participant will shoot three single birds (two shots allowed at each single), followed by either two or three pairs of the birds previously shot as singles. The pairs are designated as report pairs or true pairs.

How it Works

Shooters are asked to arrive at least fifteen minutes before scheduled shooting hours. 

  • Squads consisting of 4-8 shooters are formed prior to shooting.  We attempt to form the squads to keep friends together and to include at least one experienced super sporting shooter per squad.
  • Each squad moves from one field to another, usually completing the four fields in about two hours.
  • Individual shooters may choose not to shoot the entire course, choosing to shoot 1, 2, or 3 of the 4 fields.
  • We ask that individuals not shooting the entire course start with and stay with their assigned squad, shooting the fields they select with the squad.

Range-specific Rules

Please follow these rules in addition to the general rules:

  • 12 gauge guns (autos, pumps, doubles, or O/U) with fairly open chokes are the most popular, but 410s, 28s, 20s, and 16s are also used.
  • For safety reasons, only lead shot sizes 7 1/2, 8, 8 1/2, or 9 and steel shot size 7 are allowed.
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Tips & Suggestions

  • Since shooters are allowed two shots at singles, it’s recommended to bring an extra box of ammunition to complete the course.
  • A shooting bag or bucket is helpful to carry shells, empty hulls, and extra equipment. 
  • A bottle of water or soda is nice on hot days.

Range Fees

Fee Schedule

Shooting Cards

Cash/Check Price


$50 for 10-Round Shooting Card

4 Round = $24



4 Rounds = $40



4 Rounds = $20

With the increasing costs of clay birds, diesel to deliver them, and most everything else, these prices are current but are bound to increase. 

Shooting Cards can be purchased at the clubhouse or members who sell the cards.

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